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4/6 Designing Engagement April 11, 2011

Sharing the right content at the right time is a challenge for anyone that uses social media. So is offering the right rewards for people who participate and engage. It all really depends on the community.

This week’s #cmgrchat echoes a lot of what Jennita Lopez of SEOmoz recently posted, which is — as CM, you have to do what works for you/your community. See How to Manage Twitter: Do it Your Way.


Q1) How do you map out engagement, and determine what you need to do to increase it in a community?

mhandy1 On FB I look at feedback ratios… what resonates best and then break it down further to types of questions/links

mor_trisha To map out engagement, start with 1) What pain points are we trying to improve? and 2) What actions are people already doing?

tmonhollon Start with primary research: observe current & potential community where they are engaging, and ask Where, When, Why & What

RachelYeomans Oh boy let’s see – Facebook insights, Google analytics, Twitter (of course!) – just started using TwentyFeet and love it!

momnonstop I use blog views, check mentions, insights on fb and response Percent to see when/what engages

evanhamilton Actions vs views. Length of time since last sign in. Number of actions per visit. Interactions with other members

bluephoenixnyc We measure more than Fbook+Twitter; we look at Quora, blog feedback, forums in our industry. It has to be a mix of channels

thebloggerspost Authenticity in communication is key. Are you messaging just to say something or your actual message?

pushingvision I think seeing what a competitor is doing gives can you an edge and way to do it better.


Q2) What are the best times of the day/days of the week to engage your audience?

momnonstop According to an article release by mashable for my company (salon/spa) best times are sun/thurs after hours

mor_trisha Hmm, Q2 feels very ‘push’ related. We don’t use a schedule – it is ‘engage as we can’.

ottogrl here is a must read on how to improve engagement on your brand’s Facebook page: http://t.co/mEqIKl4

RachelYeomans Every platform is different with what time(s) are best to engage – plus audiences are different on each platform

omgitsamr depends on what platform you’re engaging… for ex: stats show retweets are highest 2-5 p.m. ET

JamesVKautz I’ve found only FB is time-sensitive due to the news feed. We are the most active there in the late afternoon.

momnonstop I’m limited to three updates a week

evanhamilton I go for 8am PST, though this report about retweets says 2pm PST for RT’s http://slidesha.re/1tSyHu

timbursch Also, some B2B communities that we manage engage 9AM, 12PM, and 4-5PM, checking networks= new smoke break

_faith Engagement = actively responding & *listening*, sometimes we need to know when to let other people talk


Q3) How do you make it easy for community members to engage (contests/other activities…)?

sarahkayhoffman Open-ended questions. Questions that allow them to talk about themselves. Contests. Sharing tabs

JamesVKautz I use an observation instead of a command, i.e. “Wow” or “This is clever” – the link speaks for itself.

WriterChanelle Honestly, I prefer to avoid contests until the community is actively participating and loyal.

Fisherish identifying influencers within the community & giving them some extent of authority will spark engagement.

corecorina Supernova makes engages by having weekly live events with online voting, and content that changes based on user engagement

RachelYeomans Yes! For Twitter, you start w/ building an audience, then maybe host a twitter contest and then perhaps a twitter chat!

_faith For FB, it’s great to share visuals– allows ppl to share differing interps, find commonalities

bluephoenixnyc Contests always seem dicey unless you’re in B2C. Otherwise, just small talk is a great start. It’s daunting, but it’s sincere.

mhandy1 Twitter chats build engagement develop community… RT contests develop fans… both should play a role

JPedde I think the best way to increase engagement is making sure it’s easy to log in, easy to find you, you’re visible, easy site nav


Q4) What kinds of rewards are in place (built in mechanics, or points, or sm tools to identify top members)?

RachelYeomans I think the badge system is the most recognized/popular right now – we’re trying to play w/ that out for our community

Fisherish Studies show that recognition by the brand and first time brand’s insight news for top members as the most important reward

evanhamilton In our product, we’ve built in game mechanics that encourage our customers when they make their customers happy.

timbursch We still use old-school #followfriday to call out advocates.

greghollings I think badges are great but the badge system needs to grow organically and naturally, not imposed

7Huck what about discounts?

_faith Hmm, tricky, prefer to share discounts with all fans/followers, they’ve already earned 1 level of engagement

JPedde Kind of blown away by today’s chat… thanks so much to @7huck@mhandy1, and all of the new CMs who joined, along w/ the old!


Post by #cmgrchat contributor @7huck, Judi Huck.

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1/26/11 – Community Management’s Return on Investment February 9, 2011

We had a really active discussion in #CmgrChat this week about that hot button issue – Return on Investment.  How do companies justify the community manager salary?  What value are CMs bringing to the table?  How can you get more CMs at your company?  Is it just a buzzword?

There was a slight issue with wthashtag.com as well, so this is the only place you’ll be able to find the summary.  However, if you would like the actual transcript emailed to you,  get in touch with Jenn and she can make that happen.


Q1) How much is your org/co focused on ROI from your work? How do you think that might change going forward?

Bsimi Tough question because first you have to define ‘ROI’ is it $, Community, Awareness… ROI has to, in some form be a goal.

artscmgr As a non-profit our goals are to connect, create local industry visiblity & promote the work of our members. Our ROI isnt $ based

mhandy1: ROI should always be a factor, but the return could be customer satisfaction, frequency among other things

evanhamilton Customer satisfaction is a return on investment – happy customers spend more

evanhamilton: Signups. $. There are just various ways we get to those: share of voice, engagement, evangelism

gilmoreglobal We have 2 objectives; visibility/engagement & sales. Right now we are focusing on visibility but sales will become important.

tgrevatt Also hard to attach $ value to but community is super for product feedback/dev ideas.

MassMarotta It would be nice to tie it to a dollar amount…more about exposing customer successes and increasing customer sat/loyalty

katieblaine Now we are focusing on the feed back and interaction w/ our followers more than ROI. figuring out how to best ingage them

blaisegv Having said that, I an think of plenty of ways a community can SAVE money, which is an often overlooked ROI 🙂

gilmoreglobal To calculate ROI we would need to know the cost (time, resources) and value (sales potential, retention)

StarAasved Best ROI from my perspective – interactive community members.


Q2) What metrics are you using to measure ROI? Do you find they are an accurate measurement?

Bsimi It gets tricky depending on business, me, in hotels and F&B, we can track promo codes, events…

Bsimi Rooms booked with promo codes, foursquare check-ins then figure what our avg. guest spends, Event booking, web mentions

tmonhollon We do monthly tracking reports on lots of areas. Community & social engagement, traffic, SERPs, reputation, Klout scoresetc.

evanhamilton Share of Voice – inaccurate but key. Conversion rate from blog visitors to signups – very accurate. # of evangelists – hard.

gilmoreglobal Measures: Leads, sales, followers, lists, Klout, Tweetlevel, Twitter grader, Likes (fb), Linkedin Followers, Aboutme clicks… (cont) Google impressions, actions, Flickr views, comments, Quora followers.. Im happy right now as long as they are going up!

blaisegv If a social media platform, I’d look at attrition and reach, as well as conversions. If internal community, depends on purpose.

susieques Even nonprofits have goals (sometimes hidden) to see $ from sm. The measure for us is engaging membership=renew + attend mtgs


Q3: Is ROI expected long or short term at your co? How do you report your findings?

40deuce ROI should be expected in long term and short term goals (although long term are easier to prove

Bsimi A lot of short term benchmarks all leading to long term goals. Digital media is not going away. Long term relationships WIN

tmonhollon Both. We look at how tactics affect in micro, and watch bigger trends to see cumulative affects over time.

aleveland Weekly share-out meeting to share findings from topics discussed that week. For MKTG, R&D, Insights attendees

Bsimi Thats why its a long term people biz, This IS NOT an instant gratification strategy.


Q4) What results of a positive ROI would you like to see? More resources dedicated to CM? Pay Raise?

StarAasved Job security is number one for me!

mhandy1 Pay for CMGR’s needs to increase also general team size. A CSO should become standard with multi-dept integration

evanhamilton More resources, less scrambling for me. Raises are nice, but job security and a sense of accomplishment are nicer

evanhamilton And the opportunity to try new things, instead of continuing to tweak the old ones.

JamesVKautz I would like to see SM removed from the corporate test tube and become a part of ‘normal’ biz for *.* in co.

tmonhollon Better organizational integration is one. Resources is another. And the freedom/trust to innovate as you go!


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