Wednesdays 2-3pm EST – A Community for Community Managers

About #CmgrChat September 10, 2010

As someone so eloquently put it in our first ever chat aimed at Community Managers and those that handle Social Media jobs full time, “Community Managers need a community too.”

Founded by Jenn Pedde (@JPedde) and Kelly Lux (@KellyLux/@SyracuseU/@SyracuseiSchool), this chat serves as a community to discuss ideas, foster collaboration, and act as a resource for all of those working in this ever changing industry.

The chat started in September 2010 and continues each and every week on Wednesdays at 2pm EST for one hour. If you are a community manager, or are looking to become one, this is the place for you.  All are welcome!


One Response to “About #CmgrChat”

  1. Kathy Houghtalen Says:

    Hi and WOW – Do I ever need this group….??? I manage an online community because it was my idea and it took off and now it is huge! I’ve got no training, no coaching and no manager. I do what I think is right and cross my fingers… 🙂 Looking forward to reading through your group and learning from the posters. Thanks for taking this to Twitter!

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